Because millions suffer
in modern-day slavery

Freedom Needs Fighters.

We are Unchain.

A groundbreaking global campaign designed to end slavery in our time.

Slavery is the Greatest Problem

of the modern day, yet far too few people know about it. And when people are enlightened to the truth, they don’t know how to help.


Over 40 million people are enslaved worldwide in a variety of forms, including sex trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, child marriage and child soldiers, just to name a few.


The annual profits from modern-day slavery exceed 150 billion dollars.


There are more than 2,100 organizations fighting slavery, but they are forced to compete for scarce resources.

in NGO

There is only $150 million dollars in NGO funding to combat modern-day slavery.

Freedom needs you to Unchain the World

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Clean Your Supply Chain

Assess your company’s supply chain with Made in a Free World.

to Justice

Contact your states attorney general to inquire about what they are doing regarding websites that enable the sale of children.

Reward Responsible Companies

Purchase from companies that care about clean supply chains.

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Modern-day slavery is filled with over 40 million stories, places and everyday people fighting to be free and yearning to be seen. It's the world's biggest problem, but sometimes we need to see the names behind the numbers to inspire change.


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